Do you know what is DNA? Do you know that it contains genes? Do you know they are the record of who you are? Do you know that these are thousands unique information which make you special?


Full of energy?


Risk taker?

What are your qualities?

What are you made of?

The inspiration for the creation of aDNA were people, who enjoy their lives and exploit them as much as possible. These are the people who want to live the NOW! They enjoy music, living and spending quality time with friends.


 aDNA Energy drink is the brand new product, that is why it perfectly matches and knows current needs of young and energetic people and give them exactly what they need – the energy to constant activity!


aDNA supports their spontaneous lifestyle and let them stay sharp, energetic and focused all the time! aDNA contains only the best quality ingredients, chosen in such a way to stimulate to action! It delivers caffeine, which works stimulatingly for the whole body, it helps to get rid of tiredness, improve the mood and concentration. Also, taurine, contained in aDNA energy drink, speed up the regeneration of the body and helps in the study.



Night out

Have a good party all night long,

without tiredness next morning!


Stay focused on whole lectures


Be more effective every day


Energy for the whole day


Boost the efficiency

After training

Get rid of muscle tiredness

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